5 Great Nashville Office Party Ideas

Christmas office party

Office parties can get political. And even worse, they can sometimes get boring. But that doesn’t have to be the case with your Christmas party this year. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be challenging. It just has to be jolly. Jolly is mandatory this year in the office.

Here are the top 6 easy, jolly office Christmas party ideas to end the year on a high note:

  1. Great Food Without The Hassle:

    Assigning the food to one person can put a lot pressure on them unless they are into it. So consider going potluck style! Or if your office co-workers aren’t exactly the culinary type, have a food truck set up outside. Often the workplace gets a cut of the proceeds which can even fund the rest of the party if you are having trouble pitching it to a penny-pinching accountant.

    popcorn and hot chocolate bar

  2. Easy Snack Bars:

    But whether you even do a full meal or not, you definitely need a good snack bar. Jolly is made of 70% snacks. That’s why Santa Claus looks the way he does. And the best snack bars are customizable. An easy combo would be popcorn and hot chocolate bars. Set out a pair of office microwaves, an assortment of flavored microwaveable popcorn and various toppings. M&Ms, chili powder, or any of the popcorn powdered flavors from Wal-Mart will work. The same philosophy will work for hot chocolate. Set out Marshmallows, candy canes for stirring, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc. These are guaranteed to be office party favorites.*

  3. Comedy Competition:

    Confession Time: You work in an office, that means some of your “work” is just surfing the web. So all of those funny videos and memes that you’ve collected over the past year can be put to good use. Submit your favorite funny videos to an office MC who will vette the videos to make sure they are suitable for work. Then you can have a comedy competition for best video submissions. You don’t have to be funny to win, just good at slacking off at work.

    white elephant

  4. White Elephant Gift Exchange:

    This one will take a little bit of prep. Announce to everyone that there will be a thrift store white elephant gift exchange, but here’s the catch: each gift must be under $10 from a thrift store AND it must stay at the recipient’s cubicle for the next 12 months. Then have the standard gift swap with present stealing, etc. This means that the gifts you select should be somewhat embarrassing so that there is entertainment in someone being stuck with it all year, but not too embarrassing in case you’re the one stuck with it. Or you can go the other direction and find the perfect missing item from your office/cubicle/desk.

  5. Get Someone Else To Clean Up:

    Janitors deserve office parties, too. So why not consider using a commercial cleaner or janitorial service after your party? They are like maids for the office and are often cheaper than hiring a cleaning staff (so you may want to keep them all year). Either way, you can end your office party on a high note and not have to worry about cleaning up the marshmallows and candy canes stuck to the keyboards.

What are your favorite holiday party tips and ideas? Let us know in the comments. And better yet, let us know any of your office party fails or funny stories. We like those, too!

*Not applicable if you work in a dental office.

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