Thrifting Smart is a Lifestyle

When you think about thrifting, you may assume that in order to “do it right” you need to ditch all of your regular shopping habits to do so. The truth is, you can weave thrifting into your normal habits naturally and easily. And you can save money, find fantastic treasures, and save the planet while you do it.

Ready to reap the wonderful benefits of thrifting? Keep on reading to find out what you can expect when you start to incorporate thrifting into your normal shopping habits.

1. Find Designer Items at a Fraction of the Price

All kinds of clothing, accessories, home decor and more make it to thrift stores—and that includes designer duds. Part of the allure of thrifting is the hunt, and every time you shop there’s always the possibility of coming across a designer dress or bag originally ticketed for $100 that’s selling for $5. Even household names like Fendi and Gucci have been known to appear in a purse bin here or a sunglass rack there. If you dig through the racks, you may just be surprised by what quality brands you can find at steep discount.

2. Save Money

The average American spends between $1,000-$2,000 each year on clothing, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The kicker? They only wear about 20% of what’s in their closet. When you thrift, you have the option to save hundreds of dollars on new additions you purchase for your closet. While exact savings will vary based on location and item, you can expect to save anywhere from 50-80% on thrifted items. Plus, when you’re ready to let them go, it’s easier to say goodbye and donate or resell if you didn’t pay full price for them.

3. Furnish Your Home On a Budget

One of the great things about thrift stores is that you can also shop for homewares, furniture, art, and more. While many people thrift for clothing, there’s an entire other world to shop from. With sky-high prices floating around for most home decor pieces online and in traditional stores, thrift stores offer affordable pieces that still have plenty of life left in them. The next time you’re thinking about buying a new dining table or need a piece of artwork for your office, stop by your local thrift store first—you never know what you might find!

4. Help the Planet

It’s no secret that the textile industry requires a massive amount of water and energy in order to function. Fast fashion alone accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions in the world, putting out a massive 150 billion clothing items per year, according to Business Insider. Thrifting, on the other hand, is an environmentally conscious choice. Not only do clothes get recycled into a new home, but you can also donate the clothes you no longer need yourself. The EPA estimates that textile waste occupies nearly 5% of all landfill space—and these materials take years to break down. Thrifting is the perfect opportunity to reduce, reuse, recycle!

5. Embark on a Treasure Hunt

Nothing beats the feeling of entering a thrift store not knowing what you’ll find. Each shopping trip can yield something completely different, adding to the excitement of the hunt. In contrast to neatly organized department stores or fancy boutiques, thrift stores offer “one-of-a-kind” gems to dig for as you search each rack. As new items are added during certain days or times, the hunt can begin all over again.

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