Super Sorter

Processes goods for charity sales support or recycling


 “Hang Ten” Clothes Hanger

Hangs clothes in preparation for pricing



Helps with furniture positioning and sales



Help customers at dressing room. Rehang garments and keep the area clean for customers


Organizing clothes racks by size and color for a pleasant shopping experience for customers

Volunteering at ThriftSmart


Volunteering at ThriftSmart is a hands-on way to make a real impact in our community. Since we are open seven days a week, our great volunteer opportunities can fit most schedules. We welcome both individual volunteers and groups of up to 15 people.


Without volunteers we couldn’t do all the things we’ve been doing in our community. We could not keep expanding in ways we dream of to become even more involved with the residents of Nashville and the surrounding areas without volunteer help.  We get to meet and help new people every day who visit our store.


You can see what volunteer shifts we have available through the get started here button below.  If you are interested in volunteering or just want to find out more, contact us with the link below.  Any questions about volunteers can be submitted here as well.

EVE Excellence in Volunteer Engagement
Green Silver Ribbon 2013 - Local environmental hero