Bale Weight Contest – Win $100 ThriftSmart Gift Card

So, sometimes we’re asked “what do you do with the clothes you can’t sell or that don’t meet your standards? Well, that’s a great question! We want to give you the answer in the form of a fun contest!


Every time you donate clothing goods to ThriftSmart, the proceeds from the sale of those goods support our four charities: (New Hope Academy, Mercy Community Health Care, African Leadership and The Belize Project)

Donated clothing that have been sorted, and do not meet our standards for our sales floor are placed in a bin to be baled, along with clothes from the floor that do not sell.

These baled clothing items are then weighed, sold and shipped overseas to be re-purposed in developing nations. Your donations reach across the world!!!

Donations help people that would not otherwise be able to afford basic clothing.

Stop in to vote and for contest details (ends Friday 9/6).

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