December Deals Calendar

Gift Card Sale: December 24th

Our gift card sale is one of our most popular sales of the year. You can purchase up to five $20 gift cards for $10 each! That is like getting the ability to make any day of the month a 50% off day (and an incredible deal on our actual half off days)! So consider loading them up and then bringing them back the day after Christmas for our…

Day After Christmas Half Off Sale!

Didn’t get what you want for Christmas? Never fear, we are having a sale taking 50% off of everything in both stores on December 26th! You can combine your half price gift cards to make this the best deal of the year. And while you’re on your way in, why not consider bringing some donation items?

Donation Bounce Back

When you bring in a large kitchen sized bag (or more) of donation items, you will receive a coupon for 50% off to be used in January of 2018! So if you don’t use all of your half priced gift cards on the 26th, you have the 26th through the 31st to earn another half off coupon! Christmas really is a season for giving and your donations go a long way toward improving our community and making Nashville and Franklin a welcoming home to everyone!

Save All Month Long

Whether you are out of town the week of Christmas, spending time with family, or just want to get a head start on savings, we are offering deals and savings all month long. So check out the deals calendar and plan your visits to make your budget last. And don’t forget to drop off a donation as well!

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