How to Put Off Christmas Until the Last Minute



There are a lot of articles, blogs, posts, and tweets online about how to stop procrastinating all the time. This has led ThriftSmart to realize that there is a very underserved segment of the internet population, specifically people who haven’t gotten around to giving up procrastinating yet. Many of you are planning on being proactive and getting your life together next year. If you’re like many people, putting an end to procrastination is one of your resolutions every year. Since this coming year is definitely, for sure, going to be the year that you live a diligent productive life then you have just short amount of time left to get all of your procrastinating in… you have to hurry and do it now!

First of all, congratulations on getting off to a great start on your year end procrastination just by reading this. You could have been getting ready for the holidays with relatives, buying presents, packing, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, or any number of productive activities. But instead, you’re surfing the internet! The only reason you even need to read the rest of this guide on procrastination is because you just haven’t gotten around to thinking of this stuff yourself.

Sleeping In On Christmas Morning

Anyone over the age of 10 would really like to sleep in on Christmas. But so often we have to prepare for the day, travel to relatives, or similar. Or maybe you live in the same house as a human under the age of 10 who believes that 5am is the best time to open presents. This is the year that you call all your relatives in advance and let them know that everyone should all just be cool this year and stay in bed until 9am. If you have ~10-year-old human, give them a tablet on Christmas Eve, and they will practically parent themselves. (Make sure to extinguish any fireplace fires first.)

A “Traditional” Christmas Tree

Here is an interesting fact this year, many countries in Europe, the very continent that invented the Christmas Tree, typically don’t put up a tree until a day or two before Christmas. This year, you should consider doing Christmas the way they do in the Old Country… by doing it last minute! Europe doesn’t even have Thanksgiving to inconveniently get in the way of their Christmasing immediately after Halloween, and they still don’t do it ahead of time. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

Gift Cards

It used to be that gift cards were strictly what you gave someone that you didn’t know very well. But then everyone started to notice how convenient and great gift cards are. You can get whatever you want with them! And if you play your cards right, you can even get a discount on gift cards. Exhibit A: ThriftSmart’s annual Christmas Eve gift card sale, where in-store shoppers can purchase up to five $20 gift cards per person at 1/2 price – valid Dec 26th onwards. Really, if you think about it, it is kind of irresponsible to buy any Christmas present before the last minute with a deal that good. Plus you’ll have so much money left you can spend some on yourself.

After Christmas Sales

Speaking of last minute shopping, you know who has sales the week after Christmas? Everybody. ThriftSmart is getting in on the Post-Yule excitement by offering a 50% off sale the day after Christmas. We’re having such a great sale, you might want to have another Thanksgiving just to express your gratitude, maybe early next year after you’ve given up procrastinating. If you buy the 50% off gift card on Christmas Eve and then spend it on the 50% off sale the day after Christmas, that’s like getting everything nearly 100% off!

Hopefully this little guide helps with your last minute procrastinating this year. If you have any questions or need further advice, let us know in the comments and we will get back to you…eventually.

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