Meet Beverly: Nashville’s Storybook Hero

Librarians never really retire… they just get better! Beverly is one of ThriftSmart’s indispensable volunteers, and she also happens to be a retired librarian. So when you find yourself with decades of knowledge and experience and a few hours of free time, what do you do? If you love your community, like Beverly does, then you find a way to give back. Beverly volunteers in ThriftSmart’s book department where she brings not only her expertise, but her enchanting personality and charisma! Beverly, Josh (the head of the media department and paid staff), and the rest of our staff and volunteers are what makes our books and media department rival the best bookstores in Nashville… even the new ones!

Stop by and meet Beverly and other volunteers, or even better, consider joining them in giving back to the best community in the country! Working with Beverly and our great team is the best reason to volunteer, but here are six more great reasons to consider volunteering with ThriftSmart!

  1. ThriftSmart makes it easy for you! Choose a time slot that works for you. ThriftSmart is open seven days a week from 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday and 12-6pm on Sunday. We have several time slots available to fit your schedule or, if you have a specific passion and way you’d like to serve, and don’t see it listed on our website, contact us directly! We may be able to tailor an opportunity just for you! ThriftSmart welcomes anyone from stand-alone volunteers to groups as large as 15 people. Everyone has busy schedules to keep, so you’ll always be welcome any time you are willing to give.
  2. ThriftSmart is proud of our friendly work environment! Our team of employees are so kind, welcoming, and helpful to anyone who joins us in serving our community. If you don’t believe us, drop by and say hi sometime! We’d love to meet you.

  3. Serving with others is life-giving! Volunteering with us is a source of enjoyment and fun helping the customers and children. You’re likely to meet other do-gooders, have meaningful conversations, and experience a sense of connectedness to the greater community.

  4. Contribute your skills to a productive cause, and develop new skills too! Opportunities span from super sorter to heavy lifter to fitting room diva! These activities will not only play to your strengths but expand your horizons as well.

  5. Thriftsmart brings value to this community. Through our GiveSmart program, ThriftSmart partners with other local nonprofits to provide those in need with gift cards, so they can shop and purchase clothing, books, and furniture – whatever they need! Moreover, unlike many thrift stores, 100% of proceeds benefit local nonprofits! Choosing to volunteer your time at ThriftSmart is a choice to make the most impact with your time. Smart!
  6. You receive more than you give! When you give the gift of your time and helping hands, you receive a renewed sense of purpose. When you get out of the house to help your community, you receive the reward of feeling needed as well as making a positive impact in the lives of those around you. That gift is worth more than any money can buy!

    These are only a few reasons to get involved at ThriftSmart! Sign up on our website or in our store! See you there!
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