A Thrift Shop Guide To May

May means savings at ThriftSmart and we’re excited about all of the offerings that we have this month!

Of course we have our bi-monthly Half Off Sales on May 11th and May 29th celebrating Memorial Day. But if you plan according to the calendar it is easy to save any day of the month at either of our great ThriftSmart store locations. Of course, even it isn’t on sale, you know that it is always a great deal!

May and June are two of the best months to go thrift store shopping because of all the great home goods that are donated by outgoing college students. And even if dorm room decor isn’t really your style, you can always check out our great repurposing and upcycling guide turn an item into something beautiful.

And if you are considering donating, but aren’t sure how to decide if something is worth keeping or giving away, check out our great spring cleaning guide that emphasizes mindfulness and experiences over stuff. We show you how to keep what’s important but clean out closets full of clutter.

Download our May calendar by clicking the calendar above, CLICK HERE for the Spanish version.

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