How To Throw An Oscar Party In 10 Easy Gifs

Why Throw An Oscar Party?

So why have an Oscar party at all? The Oscars are like the Super Bowl for theater majors, but where nobody likes any of the teams. But it can be fun to watch people who are rich and famous looking their best, or sometimes, looking their worst.

Basically, an Oscar party is a good idea because ALL themed parties are fun – especially parties where everyone gets to dress up. The only reason that someone wouldn’t have a blast at an Oscar theme party is if they a) don’t like fun, or if b) they are worried about the cost. But don’t worry about point b because…

Recycled Red Carpet

One of the most fun Oscar party activities is to have a red carpet complete with paparazzi. But when you send out your invitations, make sure that it is a “recycled red carpet” party. Head to your nearest ThriftSmart and find your red carpet gear. A lot of thrift stores really do have decades-old name brand clothing buried somewhere in the racks, but even if there are no hidden Jimmy Choose buried in the back somewhere, you can still set a specific theme such as the 90s:

Or you could let your guests wear anything they like, just as long as it is denim:

Feed Friends For Cheap

Besides attire, the other major cost of a party tends to be food. But no need to blow through the grocery budget, especially when the movie industry has a built in cheap snack… popcorn!

Popcorn comes in a few different flavors and styles already, but you can get extra creative with toppings. Gourmet popcorn flavors are cheap and go a long way. Hot sauce and chili powder are a popular Mexican style popcorn that also happens to be similar to Nashville Hot Chicken. Another great option is to serve M&Ms sprinkled on the popcorn. The sweet and salty combo are sure to win you all kinds of “Host of the Year” awards.

Don’t Forget The Drinks

One area you probably shouldn’t go too cheap is the drinks. The Academy Awards are basically a drinking holiday similar to Cinco de Mayo or, if you’re single, Valentine’s Day.

And while you might not want to go too cheap on the drinks, you definitely don’t want to skimp on the theme. There are approximately a million different drinks and cocktails named after movie stars so that part should be pretty easy. Even if you aren’t a drinker, you can still go with Shirley Temples

Ballot Contest

So once everyone is all dressed up, popcorn in hand, sitting and watching the Oscars, what then? That’s when it is time to pass out the ballots and have everyone vote for who they think will win each of the categories. Think of this as a March Madness bracket in that anyone can win and most of the people filling it out are pretty much guessing. No one really knows how it is going to play out. Even the movie buffs in your group are still really guessing, so unless you can see the future, it is pretty fair.

Although it is no shame to vote for the movies/actors that you know or like


Nothing says “C’mon over, friend” like a SWAG bag.

But it is ok if your SWAG bags are mostly just fun dollar or thrift store finds tailored to each guest. Or you could just fill them with Oscar statue shaped cookies. No matter what though, party favors will leave your guests giving you a big hearty round of applause.

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