July Deals Calendar

We are right in the middle of wedding season, and that means that we are also right in the middle of anniversary season! Stop by any of our ThriftSmart store locations in July and help us celebrate our very own anniversary by saving big.

July 22nd is ThriftSmart’s 12th anniversary and we are celebrating by having a 50% off sale on everything in the entire store… at both of our stores. So make sure to save that Saturday and try not to schedule any weddings then 😉

Summer also means cookout season. ThriftSmart has you covered with our Cookout Ideas guide. Impress your guests with a memorable outdoor party that beats the heat without busting your budget.

And finally if you are one of the many people moving homes during the summer (hopefully closer to one of our locations), Wayfair has a great guide on how and where to schedule pickups to dispose of old furniture around the Nashville area. No more sneaking out to a dumpster to try to hide an old mattress or recliner with grape juice stains. And don’t forget to check out our article on what to do with old dorm furniture if you are more of the collegiate type. Whether you have decided not to take it with you, or it arrived and wasn’t what you had in mind, we’ve got a place for it!

Download our July calendar by clicking the calendar above. Or download the Spanish version by clicking HERE.

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