October Means Fun And Savings

October is like a reverse March here in Nashville, starting off too hot during the day but by the end of the month it will cool off (probably), so stop by and get prepared for sweater weather. Nashville is really a jeans and flannel kind of town at heart which is why fall is so great here.

It is time to get out the candy jars and cool weather clothes! As you go through your fall and winter clothes this month, don’t forget to drop off your unwanted items. You can find out more about donating here. But October is more than just giving back to the community, it is also a great time to find spectacular deals! October 9th and 31st are our 50% off sales for October. As usual we offer savings the rest of the month as well including half off for students and teachers on Fridays, and 30% off for seniors on Wednesdays.

While the leaves may be changing colors outside, you can keep your home green all year long with some of our favorite upcycled planter ideas. Plants purify your air, relieve stress, and they look good. So even if you aren’t a green thumb gardener ThriftSmart has you covered by highlighting planters that work even with hard-to-kill succulents.

And don’t forget to stop by ThriftSmart for your Halloween and trick or treating plans. You can find everything from 1930s movie star to zombie Taylor Swift. But if you need help with deciding what to dress up as, check out ThriftSmart’s 2017 guide to Halloween costumes that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

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