Diversity and Values New Hope

Charity Highlight: New Hope Academy Teaches Biblical Values and Diversity

Thriftsmart provides its Nashville customers with affordable secondhand options that allow you to live a sustainable, thrifty lifestyle. But did you know that Thriftsmart was started to support local nonprofits? That’s right — in addition to providing our Nashville community with great clothes, home goods, and...

Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE) in partnership with Thriftsmart

Partner Highlight: Nashville International Center for Empowerment

An Interview with Max Rykov Today we’re highlighting one of our GiveSmart partners - the Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE). We sat down with NICE’s Associate Director of Development, Max Rykov, to discuss the work they’re doing as well as the recent influx of Afghan...

ThriftSmart and Belize

ThriftSmart Charity Feature: The Belize Project

Read on to learn all about one of the charitiesThriftSmart supports: The Belize Project By shopping at ThriftSmart, you are helping us support locally based charities such as The Belize Project. We want to thank you for that continued support from the bottom of our hearts! What...

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